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What is the Blockchain?


The Blockchain we can define in terms of “human scale”, a “register or digital database of consent”, a system for managing communication between multiple parties, where multitudes of information are stored and exchanged that remain “public”, “not modifiable “,” fast “, and that can be shared with the whole community!

It is a new information management system which, thanks to its features, offers users in various forms and applications the possibility of exchanging digital “peer to peer” goods, services, documents, contracts, etc. etc.

All this in a certain, fast, non-falsifiable, unchangeable way, thanks to the work of control and verification carried out by the “network and within the network”.
For example, let’s take the most well-known application in the financial sector for some years, the first “cryptocurrency” used for financial exchanges, coined without the need for any “central control body, bank or state” that is, the “BITCOIN”, it was the first striking case of the use of the blockchain by people to be able to make payments for products and / or services.

Today there are over 2000 cryptocurrencies of various kinds and types, we are at the beginning of a new world that will make the blockchain the common denominator, which will change the ways and the future systems in all the sectors of our daily life, a comparable “epochal change” to the discoveries that have drastically changed the lives of our ancestors in the past, the blockchain the new technology for “living the future”.

Where and how the blockchain is used

Online payments, copyright, patent and contract registration, drug safety, finance, product tracking, energy …

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